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What are the commonly used thermal insulation materials?


Thermal conductive insulation materials, as the name suggests, is a thermal conductivity and thermal interface materials with insulation. Thermal insulation materials as a special solution to the heat loss or maintenance of electronic equipment in thermal insulation interface materials often need to consider the heat conduction between the power device and the heat sink. Reasonable choice of heat transfer medium, not only to consider its thermal performance, but also to take into account the production process of the process, the maintenance of operational, excellent cost performance and other aspects of the factors. Below small make up to introduce the commonly used in the thermal insulation material which have?

1, the thermal conductivity of silica gel pad is also called thermal conductive silicone pad, thermal conductivity of silicon film

Design scheme of heat transfer for the special advantage of the gap production, is able to fill gaps, heating parts and cooling parts of the heat transfer, but also to the shock absorption, insulation, sealing effect, can meet the design requirements of equipment miniaturization and ultra-thin. This kind of product installation is convenient, is advantageous to the automation production and the product maintenance, is the most widely used heat conductive silica gel material at present.

What are the commonly used thermal insulation materials, thermal conductivity and insulation materials

2, a heat conductive filler called thermal adhesive, potting heat

This is a kind of thermal conductive adhesive which can be repaired and solidified into a solid or solid. The adhesive has good thermal conductivity, excellent insulating performance, excellent electrical properties, good adhesion and good surface gloss. According to the composition and characteristics of the product can be mainly divided into two components: one component of thermal conductivity and thermal potting adhesive. According to the adhesion of distinction can be divided into: with two kinds of molding or condensation type silicone encapsulant.

3, thermal conductive double-sided adhesive is also known as thermal conductive silicone adhesive tape

Thermal double-sided adhesive is composed of acrylic polymer filled conductive ceramic powder, compounded with silicone adhesive. Has a high thermal conductivity and insulation properties, and it is flexible, compressed, docile, strong stickiness, adapt to the characteristics of wide range of temperature. Can be fixed at the same time, can effectively reduce the volume of equipment, is to reduce the cost of equipment is a good choice.

What are the commonly used thermal insulation materials, thermal conductivity and insulation materials

4, also known as thermal grease , thermal paste

Thermal grease with organic silicone as the main raw material, add heat resistance, excellent thermal performance materials, thermal conductivity of organic silicone grease shaped composite material. Non toxic, tasteless, non corrosive, chemical and physical properties are stable and with excellent thermal conductivity, high temperature resistance, aging resistance and waterproof properties. Usually, the thermal grease is insoluble in water, not easy to be oxidized, but its insulating properties weaker than thermal silica films and other silicone conductive materials.

What are the commonly used thermal insulation materials, thermal conductivity and insulation materials

5, thermal conductivity of silicon with fiber tape, also known as thermal silica films

Is glass fiber as the substrate of silicone polymer reinforced elastic body, also called thermal silica cloth, anti tear silicone. The material is mainly characterized by electrical insulation, high dielectric strength, high resistance to chemical properties, can withstand high voltage and metal parts of the circuit caused by puncture and short circuit. But its poor thermal conductivity, mostly only 2W/m.k the following thermal conductivity.

What are the commonly used thermal insulation materials, thermal conductivity and insulation materials

6, thermal phase change materials

The thermally conductive phase change material (PC) is a heat enhanced polymer that is designed to minimize thermal resistance between a power consumption type electronic device and a heat sink connected to it. The use of material properties, phase change in temperature, so as to make the material more fitting contact surface, also has low thermal resistance, heat transfer is more complete, reliable CPU, power module and other important components of the.

There are many kinds of heat conductive insulating materials, and the customers should choose the different requirements for the thermal conductivity of the equipment when they choose to use. The above material is suitable for all kinds of environment and requirements, the heat conduction problem may appear to have the corresponding thermal solution, the equipment is highly integrated, as well as ultra small slim provides a powerful help.