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PM200S Thermal Gap Pad Coated Fiberglass

PM200S Thermal Gap Pad Coated Fiberglass

Specification:2.0 w/m.k

Material:silicone + fiberglass


Applicable:LED light/driver, power switch

Product description:Product description: PM200S Thermal Gap Pad coated fiberglass, mainly used for heating devices and heat sink or product casing without fastening device between the heat conduction.

Product Description

Product Name : PM 200S Thermal Gap Pad Coated Fiberglass

PM200S thermal gap pad , mainly for the application of low fastening pressure requirements, low modulus of the polymer formed in the fiberglass base material, can be used as a filler at the interface between machine contact surface .Thermal conductive silicone pad with fiberglass , mainly used for heating devices and fin or between product casing and without fastening device heat conduction.


1.High thermal conductivity : 2.0W/m-k

2.Stable performance, low thermal resistance, effectively improve the heat transfer speed

3.Low hardness, its viscosity high, easy to use

4.By UL and V-O certification standards


1.LED lighting, lighting equipment

2.Household appliances, LCD display

3.Semiconductor and the radiating fin between

4.Communication product , smart phone, tablet

5.Desktop, notebook and other portable computer

6.Large power supply etc.


◆Standard size : 300mm*300mm, 200mm*400mm, according to customer needs to cut the shapes.

◆Basic thickness : 0.5mm~5.0mm, special thickness, size can be customized

◆Its slightly viscous, if need to strengthen the adhesive can according to customer’s requirement.

◆Product color is mass production color, if need special color can be adjusted to the actual situation.

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