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PM500 Thermal Gap Pad

PM500 Thermal Gap Pad

Specification:5.2 w/m.k



Applicable:LED / set-top boxes / electronic components

Product description:PM500 Thermal Gap Pad

Product Description

Product Name :  PM500 Thermal Gap Pad


1.Flat panel TV, mobile equipment, high-speed hard disk drive

2.Between semiconductor and heat sink

3.Computer, PC server, workstation

4.LED lighting, lighting equipment

5.The chip and chip component

Performance and characteristics:

1.High thermal conductivity, heat transfer coefficient 5.2W/m-k

2.Stable performance, low thermal resistance, effectively improve the heat transfer speed

3.Low hardness, its viscosity high, easy to use

4.By UL and V-O certification standards


Product standard size 300mm*300mm, 200mm*400mm according to customer needs to cut the shapes

Basic thickness 0.3mm~5.0mm, special size and thickness can be customized

The product itself is slightly viscous, if need to strengthen the adhesive can be according to customer’s requirement

Product color is mass production, if need special color can be adjusted to the actual situation

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